778-549-7972 #4 - 20252 98 Ave, Langley
778-549-7972 #4 - 20252 98 Ave, Langley
SkillsNo experience necessary
Gear required
• Gi
• mouthguard
Kids ages 5 to 12

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Kids learn the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu such as various positions, submissions, escapes and sweeps., improving your child’s confidence and physical development. There is no striking in Jiu Jitsu but there is physical contact. There focus is on the core Martial Arts philosophy including respect, cooperation, fitness, teamwork, confidence as well as Belt Criteria and techniques needed for advancement. Please note this belted program is merit based and not time based, children will progress to different levels at different speeds. 

No previous experience is necessary. This class is great for all boys and girls, beginners or those with previous martial arts experience, those who want to try out this growing martial art and those who want to get into shape.

Required equipment: Gi, mouthguard

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